Online forms

Many applications can be lodged online for your convenience. Please select the application you wish to lodge from the list below.

Please ensure that details (i.e. certificate type, property and contact details) are correct before placing an application. Council is unable to issue refunds for incorrectly entered information, duplicate applications, or for change of mind.

Digital Forms

Claim for Compensation

Use this form to seek compensation directly from Council for injury, loss or damage (property, personal injury, motor vehicle) arising from an incident. 

Tree claims information

Road and pothole claims information

Form # 3025

Compliments and Complaint Forms

Compliments and complaints help us to understand what we’re doing well, and where we can improve our service to our community, so making it easy for you to have your voice heard is important to us.

We value your feedback and are committed to understanding any concerns you may have and dealing with them promptly and without prejudice.

Form # 3005

Complying Development Certificate (CDC)

Building construction requires either a Complying Development Certificate or a Construction Certificate from either Council or an Accredited Certifier.

Form # 2024

Construction Certificate

Building construction requires either a Complying Development Certificate or a Construction Certificate from either Council or an Accredited Certifier.

Form # 2025

Driveway Delineation Application

To install two L-shape delineation lines on either side of the driveway to assist vehicular access to the private property

Form # 4035

Footpath Merchandise Approval

For approval to display goods on the footpath in order to encourage customers to enter the premises, not to carry out business or financial transactions on the footpath. View the policy

Covid-19 Temporary Footpath Merchandising - We’re expanding our Business Support Package to help businesses embrace 1.5-metre social distancing in-store by supporting more footpath merchandising. Display your merchandise on the footpath in front of your business for free until 30 September 2020.

Form # 4076

Hoarding Permit Application Form

You’ll need this permit if you plan to erect hoardings or other construction facilities on Council property. This includes overhead hoardings, scaffolding, site fencing and site offices. 

Approval for these structures is required under Section 138 of the Roads Act 1993.

Form # 4017

Manly Parking Permit Scheme - Business permit

A business parking permit exempts a business vehicle from time limits in spaces signposted ‘permit holders excepted’. Find out more

Form # 3037

Manly Parking Permit Scheme - Multi-use permit

A multi-use parking permit may be used for visitors, tradespeople and carers of a rateable residential property.

Form # 3042

Manly Parking Permit Scheme - Residential - 1st and 2nd permit application

Resident parking permits enable residents to park on-street and avoid time limits in their scheme area.

Please ensure you have reviewed the eligibility and information about the permit before applying.

Form # 3040

Occupation Certificate Application Form

These certificates can also be applied for when development has occurred without appropriate approvals. Additional fees apply when involving unauthorised works.

Form # 2023

Outstanding Notices Application Form

A Section 735A & 121ZP Outstanding Notices certificate lists any outstanding notices and orders issued by Council in respect of a parcel of land.

Form # 2042

Planning Certificate (Section 10.7 or S10.7)

This legal document provides you with the zoning of your property which assists in identifying all applicable rules. Planning certificate S10.7 is also known as zoning certificate (formerly section 149).

Form # 2005

Section 603 certificate

A Section 603 Certificate identifies if any monies are due or payable to the council, by way of rates, charges or otherwise, in respect of a parcel of land.

Form # 1004

Skip Bin / Building Waste Application

To place any skip bin/building waste container (not exceeding 1.5m height or 2.0m width or 6.0m length) on a nature strip or road carriage way

Form # 4051

Stand Plant Application

To place a crane/concrete pump or any other type of plant including excavator, scissor lift, boom or cherry picker on Council road carriageway

Form # 4054

Traffic Control Application

To Implement a Traffic Control Plan/Traffic Management Plan including Construction Traffic Management Plan, whenever traffic is being managed on the road pavement or footpath area but where an application to stand plant is not required

Form # 4053

Tree Removal and Pruning Application

As part of the online application you will need to upload a completed Application Site Plan, with details and owner's consent. Download the PDF template.

Note: changes should only be made to the document once it's been saved or printed. 

Form # 4000

WAC Pool Party Enquiry Form

Form # 4078

Works Zone Application

A Works Zone is a signposted parking restriction allowing construction vehicles engaged in construction work in or near the Work Zone to stand at the kerb

Form # 4052