Our bushland is made up of native plants which together form different vegetation communities that cover large areas of the Northern Beaches. Our bushland is vital habitat for native animals from the threatened pygmy possums and powerful owls, to the common swamp wallaby and ring tail possum. The plants in bushland areas clean our air and together with the soil, filter the water running into our waterways.


    Your bushland and the environment need volunteers. Get involved and you can make a big difference.


    Understand what Northern Beaches Council is doing and what you can do to protect yourself from bushfires and minimise the dangers.

    Bushland Management

    We care for our valuable bushland that is home to numerous native plants and animals.

    Bushland Reserves

    Northern Beaches Council is responsible for over 145 bushland and wetland reserves covering an area of 1700ha. 

    Endangered Plants and Trees

    Australia is home to many species unique to this country but many of our plants and trees are endangered.

    Native Flora

    Australia has many species of plants but many are endangered.

    Native Gardening

    The Northern Beaches is the perfect environment for a native garden. Native plants provide food, protection and water for our native wildlife.

    Vegetation Communities

    The Northern Beaches has a lot of different vegetation communities and Council is committed to protecting these areas.

    Photo: Jayden Walsh

    Wildlife Protection Areas

    Wildlife Protection Areas are public places set apart to protect vulnerable native wildlife from the impact of cats and dogs.