We believe there is no better place to say 'I do' than the Northern Beaches. Start with a ceremony at one of our stunning locations, then celebrate at a restaurant or reception centre.

Our beaches, rockpools, parks and community centres are available for hire. 

Things to consider before booking a wedding

  • A booking request for a wedding ceremony and/or reception, can be made online. 
  • Each booking is for a minimum of three hours.
  • Due to the popularity and residential location of a number of our venues, there are some restrictions on the number of bookings that can be held at some locations. This may not always be reflected in the availability of a venue in the online booking system, Council will be in touch should the venue not be permissible as soon as is possible.

Please review our standard Terms and Conditions before making an online request for one of our venues.

Browse locations and request to book

You can use our online booking system to request to reserve a location at a specific date and time.

Council will assess each request and once the booking is considered permissible you will receive a Booking Contract with customised terms and conditions and an invoice. The booking is approved on payment of the account.

Note - it is recommended that you provide a site plan with your request to ensure that you get the location you really want.

Frequently asked questions

Contact information

Open Space Bookings

How long is a standard booking?

Each booking is for a minimum of three hours.

Can we have more or less than 3 hours for our wedding?

The minimum hire period for a wedding ceremony or reception is 3 hours this provides ample time between bookings at a venue. The 3 hours covers your set up and pack up times i.e. set up of chairs, marquee and styling for your ceremony.

If you want more time please add one additional hour and then you can add 30 minute increments to the required time, i.e. 4 hours and 4.5 hours is possible but 3.5 hours is not.

Can we have/serve alcohol at our wedding?

Alcohol Free Zones and Alcohol Prohibited Areas exist within the Northern Beaches Council Local Government Area (LGA). Please check the restrictions. All signage displayed at the venue prohibiting or restricting alcohol must be adhered to.

Can we hold both our ceremony and reception at a council venue?

Wedding ceremonies are possible on many of our outdoor locations, however wedding receptions are often more complex and are not always possible on some venues.

Please make sure you read any of the venue rules and details before applying, sometimes it will tell you if you can have marquees and infrastructure to enable receptions.

If you wish to hold a reception please note this when answering the questionnaire and provide specific details. Council will be in touch if there are any issues with holding a reception at your chosen venue.

Will our venue be mowed and tidied prior to our wedding?

Once approved your wedding will be added to our weekly report to notify staff to schedule an inspection and maintenance. Council’s ability to undertake works or mowing may be dependent upon the weather conditions and available access to the venue in the period leading up to the wedding date.

What are the fees and charges for a wedding event?

The fees and charges related to an open space booking such as a wedding are adopted annually. The fees and charges for a Wedding Ceremony is $483.00 for up to 3 hours (minimum booking time) and an addition fee of $136.00 for the fourth hour. Time after the fourth hour is charged in 30 minute increments.

What if it is forecast to rain when our wedding event is on? Can we get a refund?

A refund is only possible if Council closes a venue or we receive a written notification at least 2 business days prior to the wedding date. A cancellation fee may apply to cover any services already provided.

Can we have confetti, decorations and a marquee?

Due to the impact on our environment confetti (including biodegradable), rice and balloons are not permitted at any of our open spaces. Flower petals are allowed but must be collected and removed after the ceremony.

Any decorations must be removed from the site upon departure.

Decorative structures such as flower arches and marquees are permissible at some venues, the maximum marquee size authorised (without an DA) is 15m x 15m. Your application will be assessed to determine if your requested infrastructure or marquee is suitable for your chosen venue.