We aspire to create a thriving and vibrant local economy where traditional and new industries are supported and local career, training and education opportunities are expanded. 

We share regional economic research and point you towards business grants, networking, business programs and awards that might open up new opportunities, including doing business with Council.

Business Programs and Awards

Find out what business awards and programs will give you the best opportunity to lift your profile and build success.

Business Networks

Joining a business network could be just what your business needs to get energised, engage with the community and grow.

Doing Business With Council

We have a new procurement policy and strategies aimed at developing Council’s engagement with local businesses

Economic and Community Statistics

See how our community and our economy are changing. See the latest Northern Beaches Economic and Social profiles

Healthy Businesses

The health and safety of our community, and supporting that with our local businesses, is critically important to Northern Beaches Council.