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Learn about your rates and how to pay them.

Rates information

Your rates help Council maintain our beautiful and unique location and are calculated on a variety of things.

Rates Information

Rates FAQs

Frequently asked questions about your rates and how they are calculated.

Rates FAQs

Rates by email

You can help us save paper by electing to receive your rates instalment notices by email.


Pensioner concession information

Find out the services available if you need assistance paying your Council rates.


Pay your rates

Pay your rates easily online. Refer to your rates notice for details on payment options.


Section 603 certificates

A Section 603 Certificate (Local Government Act 1993) advises the amount (if any) due or payable to Council by way...


Pay an invoice

Find out the easy and convenient options for debtors to make payments online.


Fees and charges

Council provides high quality services to the community and some of these require a fee or charge.


Stormwater charge

This charge funds activities towards improving stormwater quality, managing stormwater flows and flooding, and the harvesting and reuse of stormwater