Changes to services and facilities
There may be some changes to our services and facilities due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please check the changes to services and facilities page for more information.

COVID-19 cancellation: Your membership will be automatically reactivated on the 11 October. If you wish to continue to suspend your membership you can do so without the usual 21 days notice.



Membership details
Please tell us why you want to suspend your membership

Please note all medical suspensions require clearance before you may return to the centre.

Suspension dates
  • All suspension requests require 21 days’ notice to process. If notification of intent to suspend is not received 21 days prior, the account will be charged as normal. No suspension request will be backdated under any circumstance. 
  • Your membership’s minimum term will be extended by the freeze period (upfront member: any suspension taken will extend the term of your membership)
  • Your membership fees must be up to date prior to requesting suspension on your membership.

Please note: When a suspension is applied to a family membership, all family members will not be able to access the facility during this time. The nominated account holder must apply for the suspension request on a family membership. 

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