Residential parking permits allow residents to park on-street and avoid time limits in their scheme area. We have developed an online system for applying for your residential parking permit in the Manly area.

Different scheme areas will be rolled out throughout the year. Check here for when your area can apply or view our interactive map. Residents in Little Manly and Balgowlah can now apply.

How to apply

Please apply and pay online for your first two residential parking permits. Third residential parking permit applications must be submitted using the form below.

If you cannot apply online please complete the application form and send or email your application to Council.

Due to Covid-19, permit postage and collection will be dependent on advice from NSW Government.

Apply online

Little Manly and Balgowlah residents can now apply.


    To be eligible for a residential parking permit, the applicant must:

    • reside permanently at the address within the existing Manly parking permit scheme area
    • be the registered owner of the vehicle
    • or have full private use of a company vehicle
    • Please note:  second place of residence applications are not eligible to apply for a residential parking permit, however can apply for a multi-use parking permit.

    Documentation needed for application

    Please ensure you have electronic copies of these documents ready before you apply online or hard copies to present to Customer Service.

    • Driver's licence or NSW photo card with applicable address.
    • Vehicle registration with applicable address.
    • Lease (if renting), owner/occupier details will be checked during processing.
    • One other piece of official documentation with your name and applicable address (power or phone bill, insurance documents, bank statement).


    • Please ensure all documentation includes your name and applicable address within the permit scheme area.
    • If you are applying for a residential permit AND a multi-use permit, there is no need to provide the above information twice.

    Number of permits

    Eligible residents can apply online for two residential parking permits.

    In extenuating circumstances, a third residential permit may be issued to eligible properties. Circumstances may include additional vehicles registered to the residential address and limited off-street parking.  This would support larger families living at the same residence.

    Criteria for third permit

    All residential eligibility and vehicle registration criteria must be met and all required documentation must be submitted with the application.

    • Applications for a third Manly residential parking permit cannot be made online.
    • Customer Service will not be able to issue the third permit at the time of application as a site assessment may be required.
    • Applications for third permits will be referred to Council’s Transport Network Team for consideration.

    Residential permit scheme areas and application dates

    The framework only applies to the management of parking permits issued through the existing Manly parking permit scheme in the following areas:

    • Little Manly and Balgowlah
      Applications open 1 September 2020. Valid 1 October - 30 September.
    • Ocean Beach and Ethel Street West
      Applications open 1 October 2020. Valid 1 November - 31 October.
    • Isthmus and Fairy Bower
      Applications open 1 November 2020. Valid 1 December - 30 November.
    • Tower Hill and Tower Hill Extension
      Applications open 1 February 2021. Valid 1 March - 28 February.
    • Ivanhoe Park and Ivanhoe Park Extension
      Applications open 1 March 2021. Valid 1 April - 31 March.

    All existing parking permits are extended until applications open for their particular scheme area.

    Fees and charges

    Fees and charges apply to all Manly parking permits (as detailed in the adopted annual fees and charges).

    Residential or multi-use

    • 1st permit issued to property - Free
    • 2nd permit issued to property - $42
    • 3rd permit issued to property - $110

    Note: 3rd residential parking permit issued to property under extenuating circumstances (requires special approval) - $110

    No fees will apply in the 2020/21 Financial Year for car share, special issue, business and support worker parking permits.

    Council will no longer issue boat, trailer or caravan parking permits through the Manly parking permit scheme.

    For the 2020/21 financial year, the postage fee does not apply.

    Apply online

    Little Manly and Balgowlah residents may now apply. All other residents cannot apply online until application dates open for their scheme area.

    Type in your address below to show the permits your property is eligible to apply for.