Trees play a vital role in the health, social framework and economic sustainability of an area. Trees are on the job working for us 24 hours a day.  Every day improving our environment and quality of life. In the long term, they often create a very real ‘sense of place’ and enhance the public domain. Trees can also:

  • Provide habitat for native animals
  • Reduce the effects of urban heat 
  • Reduce airborne pollution
  • Reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Protect from soil erosion
  • Encourage outdoor activity
  • Reduce exposure to the sun and UV rays
  • Improve physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing
  • Create privacy and lessen noise
  • Provide a connection to nature
  • Soften and screen street infrastructure
  • Reduce demand for energy
  • Contribute to ecological biodiversity

Council is committed to the protection of trees and bushland on the Northern Beaches, but understands people need to maintain and manage trees on their property. They can be fire or storm hazards, get too big for comfort and even cause neighbourly disputes. Find out what you need to know whether you want to prune, remove or plant a tree.

Removing and pruning trees on private land

There’s quite a lot you can do legally if you want to carry out tree work on your property.


Removing and pruning trees on public land

If trees on public land need to be pruned or removed, place a request and we’ll assess what we can...


Illegal tree works

If you remove, damage or lop a tree without Council's consent, you could be fined up to $1.1 million.


Tree guide

It is important to select the right tree for the right place. A locally indigenous species should be selected wherever...


Tree maintenance program

Northern Beaches Council is managing our tree canopy now and into the future.

Tree planting

During Council's pro-active tree maintenance program we audit each street to see where there are planting opportunities.

Tree planting on the beach

Exempt tree species list

These tree species can be removed from your property without consent, unless identified as having heritage values.