Christmas Notification Blackout Period – Please be aware, applications accepted by Council after 1 December 2022, will incur an extended exhibition period.

To ensure the timely processing and determination of your Development Application, it is essential that all applicants take note of the following critical steps in the preparation and lodgement process. 

Steps to take prior to lodgement

  • Review of the Planning Controls and General Planning Enquiries - Understanding the planning controls that apply to your property, the type of development you can undertake and how to address any non-compliances, is fundamental in determining the likelihood of an approval. You can obtain the planning controls that apply to your property on our website and discuss any implications which arise with one of our Planning Officers or by consulting with your architect, building consultant or town planner.

  • Consider one of Council's Pre-Lodgement services to discuss specific planing, environmental or design issues and find out how to address any non-compliances with the planning controls.

  • Read Council's Development Application Lodgement Requirements (Form ID: 2060). The Lodgement Requirements are the primary tool for Council staff to determine whether your application is "Assessment Ready" and can be accepted into the system to proceed to notification, referral, assessment and ultimately determination.

How to lodge your application on the NSW Planning Portal

To assist you in lodging your Development Application, Modification or Review of Determination application via the NSW Planning Portal, we have provided some simply steps to guide you through the process. Should you encounter any difficulties, please refer to the advice under the Support for our Applicants section below.

Step 1 - Register or Login

Access the NSW Planning Portal and either login to your existing account or if you don't have an account, you will need to create one, please refer to this guide to register an account.

Step 2 - Enter your development proposal and application details

Enter the application details in the portal using the Submit a Development Application guide. Please note, Council no longer have a Development Application Form, the Planning Portal automatically creates a form called a 'Pre-DA form' based on the information provided by the applicant at lodgement.

To prevent unnecessary delays with the handling and acceptance of your DA, ensure the following is uploaded to the Planning Portal in as per Council's document naming formats, outlined on page two of our Lodgement Requirements (Form ID: 2060).

  1. Statement of Environmental Effects (or Statement of Modification) - Applicable for the majority of Development Applications, Modifications or Review of Determinations. 
  2. Cost Summary Report / Quantity Surveyors Report (Form ID: 2080) must be submitted with all applications as follows (find out more):
    - Development with an estimated cost up to $1,000,000 – Cost Summary Report Form completed by a Building Industry Professional
    - Development with an estimated cost of $1,000,001 or greater – a Quantity Surveyors Report or Cost Summary Report completed by a Quantity Surveyor
    Note: If council identifies that the estimated cost of works exceeds $1,000,001 a Quantity Surveyor report will be requested as additional information.
  3. Boundary Identification Survey - Applicable for the majority of applications, with the exception of change of use of premises, internal alterations or a strata subdivision.
  4. Architectural Plans - a "Masterset", which is a full set of all architectural plans uploaded as one document in the portal under 'Architectural Plans'. Please note, landscape and stormwater plans must be uploaded separately.
  5. Technical Reports - For example, Geotech, Bushfire, Biodiversity, Heritage, SEPP 65/Apartment Design Guide, Traffic, BCA, BASIX, Waste Management, Arborist and Flooding, where applicable to your development proposal and/or site. 
  6. Payment of application fees - Council now offer online payments for Development Applications and will issue an invoice once your application is ready for acceptance. DO NOT upload payment details to the Planning Portal.

Step 3 - Completeness Check

Once you have submitted your application via the Planning Portal, Council will review the documentation for completeness. Based on the information submitted, Council will make a decision to:

  • ACCEPT the application,
  • REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION with a list of matters for you to address or
  • RETURN the application.

Returned applications & how to relodge

For applications which have been returned due to insufficient information, Council will provide a list of missing documentation so applicants know what to upload next time. The Planning Portal now provides the option to Create a new Copy of your DA allowing applicants to relodge a new application (including the additional documentation) with ease.

How to lodge additional information

For applications where it is identified that a relatively minor item of additional information is required, Council will not return the application and instead request applicants provide the additional information through the Portal, specifying the timeframe for the additional information. Council's request will clearly outline what information is required to be submitted to make the application complete and allow it to be accepted and processed. 

Use this guide for instructions on how to lodge additional information in the Portal. Note, it is preferable for applicants to upload all required additional information at the same time.

Contact our Planning Officer on 1300 434 434 if you have technical queries about the additional information we've requested.

Step 4 - Fee Estimator, portal lodgement fee and payment

Use our fee estimator for Development Applications to determine the fees applicable for your application.

  • Development Application fees - Council are now live with online payments for DAs. Once we have reviewed your application for completeness and are satisfied that it is ready to proceed to formal acceptance and assessment, we will email the Applicant an Invoice with a link to pay online. Online payments are preferred, however if you would like to pay in person please visit any of Council's customer service centres.

  • Portal lodgement fees - A fee of $40 is applicable for the lodgement of modification of consent applications and a $5 fee is applicable for Review of Determination applications. The State Government have amended the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation (2000) to introduce the new portal lodgement fees from 1 July 2021, to support the ongoing maintenance of the Planning Portal. Note, this fee is payable in addition to Council's application fees, only for Modifications and Reviews.

Step 5 - Track the progress of your application

To track the progress of your application, refer to Council's Application Search. The Planner assessing the DA will communicate with the applicant throughout the assessment process.

Support available for our applicants

Should you encounter difficulties with logging in to the planning portal or registering your planning portal account, refer to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment's FAQ web page, call Service NSW on 1300 305 695 or email

Phone us on 1300 434 434 and speak to a:

  • Planning Officer in the Development Advisory Services Team - To obtain advice on specific documents required to lodge your application (e.g. Technical reports and architectural plans) and to discuss any queries about additional information requested by Council, or

  • Administration officer in the Business Systems & Administration Team - To discuss fees applicable/find out how to pay, to find out which Planner the application has been allocated to or have general Planning Portal queries.

Fact Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Once my application is submitted through the Planning Portal, how long can I expect to wait until I response from Council?

Our KPI to review your application and provide you with a response is two business days, however this may vary for more complex applications.

My property address is not appearing in the Planning Portal?

If you have entered your address in the search box and it is not appearing, select the tick box next to 'Address did not display?' and re-type your address then select next and it should appear.

I don't have access to a personal computer, where can I lodge my application?

Council's library services offer free computer services for the community. We have libraries located in Dee Why, Forestville, Glen Street, Manly, Mona Vale and Warringah Mall. Find more information on Council's library services and opening hours here.