As of 1 July 2020 Council all Development Applications are to be lodged through the NSW Planning Portal

All homeowners on the Northern Beaches are now required to lodge their Development Applications online via the NSW Planning Portal.

This follows a mandate by the NSW Government for 42 Councils in metropolitan Sydney to use the e-planning Portal.  It is recommended that applicants take note if the steps below to prevent any delays in the processing of your application.

Steps to take prior to lodgement

Prior to lodging your application, please refer to the steps below to help to ensure you lodge an assessment ready application:

  • Read Council's Development Application Lodgement Requirements in conjunction with our checklist to determine what you reports and documentation may be applicable for your application.
  • Review our Planning Controls and talk to your builder or consultant about complying with all your legal obligations.
  • Consider attending a Pre-Lodgement Meeting to discuss site specifics, complex or large-scale development proposals with our team.
  • Complete our forms as outlined under Step 2 below (Owners Consent, Declarations Form and Development Application Checklist).
  • Obtain a fee quote using our Fee Quote Request Form to submit with your application. Simply complete the form online and we will reply within two business days.

How to lodge your application on the NSW Planning Portal

We've outlined some steps to assist you in lodging your application through the NSW Planning Portal.  All Development Applications including Modification or Review of Determination applications are to be lodged through the Planning Portal. Should you encounter any difficulties, refer to our advice under the Support for our Applicants section below.

Step 1 - Register or Login

Access the NSW Planning Portal and either login to your account or refer to Register for a Planning Portal account guide to create an account.

Step 2 - Enter your specific development proposal and application details

Enter the specific application details in the portal using the Submit a Development Application guide and upload the following mandatory Council documents as separate files and upload plans and reports as outlined on page one of the lodgement requirements:

Step 3 - Completeness Check

Once you have submitted the application through the Portal, Council will review the documentation for completeness within two business days.

Based on the information submitted, Council will make a decision to accept the application, request additional information, return or reject the application.  Please note, if Council need additional information, you will receive an email outlining the required information.

Step 4 - Fees and Payment

Use our fee estimator for Development Applications to determine the fees applicable for your application and complete the credit card form on the back of the Application Checklist. Submit the credit card form together with the completed checklist through the Planning Portal. Please note, we are currently working on an online payment method through our website. 

Step 5 - Track the progress of your application

To track the progress of your application, refer to Council's Application Search. The Planner assessing your application will communicate with the nominated Applicant throughout the assessment process.

Refer to Council's Application Process page for an overview of the assessment process and steps to be taken prior to commencement of building works.

Support available for our applicants

  • Should you encounter difficulties with logging in to the planning portal or registering your planning portal account, refer to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment's FAQ web page, call Service NSW on 1300 305 695 or email

  • Phone us on 1300 434 434, if you:

    • Are unsure of what documents to lodge with your Development Application and request to speak to Council's Planning Enquiry Officer on 1300 434 434.

    • If you have lodged your application through the planning portal and wish to enquire as to a status update and request to speak to our Business Systems & Administration Team on 1300 434 434.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once my application is submitted through the Planning Portal, how long can I expect to wait until I response from Council?

Our KPI to review your application and provide you with a response is two business days, however this may vary for more complex applications.

My property address is not appearing in the Planning Portal?

If you have entered your address in the search box and it is not appearing, select the tick box next to 'Address did not display?' and re-type your address then select next and it should appear.

I don't have access to a personal computer, where can I lodge my application?

Council's library services offer free computer services for the community. We have libraries located in Dee Why, Forestville, Glen Street, Manly, Mona Vale and Warringah Mall. Find more information on Council's library services and opening hours here.