Cute, furry, venomous, dangerous, threatened, freshwater and marine - the Northern Beaches is home to a large variety of native species.

Find out what lives where, how to protect them and how to encourage wildlife visitors into your garden.

Send details and photos of wildlife sightings (particularly of threatened species) in the Northern Beaches to species.sightings@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au.

Remember to keep your cats indoors at night to prevent them from hunting local birds and other wildlife after dark. Keep pets restrained or supervised near bushland and away from sensitive areas such as Wildlife Protection Zones. Domestic dogs and cats kill tens of millions of native animals across Australia each year. See Protect your Cat. Protect your WildlifeWIRES and DAWE also have good tips on responsible pet ownership. 


Injured animals

If you find an injured, unwell or orphaned native animal, please call a licensed wildlife rescue organisation such as Sydney Wildlife (9413 4300) or WIRES (1300 094 737) for advice and instruction.

If the animal is a flying-fox (also known as a fruit-bat) or another species of bat, please do not handle the animal but contact Sydney Wildlife or WIRES who will send a trained wildlife carer to respond.

If you come across a large seabird or marine animal such as a seal, sea turtle, dolphin, shark or whale on a local beach that may require protection or care, please contact Council on 1300 434 434. If possible, please take note of whether the animal appears to be in distress or is simply resting. This will allow us to determine whether the animal needs specialist care from an organisation such as ORRCA or Australian Seabird Rescue.

Please contact Council on 1300 434 434 to report any deceased animals that may pose a public health and safety risk (e.g. large animals on a busy beach or road).



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