Before you can make changes to a building you may need to lodge a development application (DA).​

The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 defines development as the:​

  • use of land​
  • subdivision of land​
  • erection of a building​
  • carrying out of work​
  • demolition​
  • any other matter controlled by an environmental planning instrument. 

Refer to Councils Lodge your application page for instructions on lodging an application via the NSW Planning Portal.

Steps to take prior to lodgement

  • Review of the Planning Controls - Understanding the planning controls that apply to your property, the type of development you can undertake and how to address any non-compliances, is fundamental in determining the likelihood of an approval. You can obtain the planning controls that apply to your property on our website and discuss any implications which arise with one of our Planning Officers or by consulting with your architect, building consultant or town planner.
  • Consider one of Council's Pre-Lodgement services to discuss specific planing, environmental or design issues and find out how to address any non-compliances with the planning controls.
  • Read Council's Development Application Lodgement Requirements (Form ID: 2060). This guide is the primary tool for Council staff to determine whether your application is "Assessment Ready" and can be accepted into the system to proceed to notification, referral, assessment and determination.
  • Use our fee estimator for Development Applications to determine the fees applicable for your application.
  • Review relevant information on Environmental and community protections and Guidelines for development on flood prone land.


To prevent unnecessary delays with the handling and acceptance of your DA, ensure the following is uploaded to the Planning Portal in as per Council's document naming formats, outlined on page two of our Lodgement Requirements (Form ID: 2060).

  1. Statement of Environmental Effects (or Statement of Modification) - Applicable for the majority of Development Applications, Modifications or Review of Determinations. 
  2. Cost Summary Report / Quantity Surveyors Report (Form ID: 2080) must be submitted with all applications as follows (find out more):
    - Development with an estimated cost up to $1,000,000 – Cost Summary Report Form completed by a Building Industry Professional
    - Development with an estimated cost of $1,000,001 or greater – a Quantity Surveyors Report or Cost Summary Report completed by a Quantity Surveyor
    Note: If council identifies that the estimated cost of works exceeds $1,000,001 a Quantity Surveyor report will be requested as additional information.
  3. Boundary Identification Survey - Applicable for the majority of applications, with the exception of change of use of premises, internal alterations or a strata subdivision.
  4. Architectural Plans - a "Masterset", which is a full set of all architectural plans uploaded as one document in the portal under 'Architectural Plans'. Please note, landscape and stormwater plans must be uploaded separately.
  5. Technical Reports - For example, Geotech, Bushfire, Biodiversity, Heritage, SEPP 65/Apartment Design Guide, Traffic, BCA, BASIX, Waste Management, Arborist and Flooding, where applicable to your development proposal and/or site. 
  6. Payment of application fees - Council now offer online payments for Development Applications and will issue an invoice once your application is ready for acceptance. DO NOT upload payment details to the Planning Portal.

Fact Sheets

Pre-Lodgement meetings

We encourage you to attend a Pre-Lodgement Meeting for large or complex development proposals


Assessment process

Find steps here that outline what to expect following acceptance of your DA (Notification, referral, assessment, amendments, and determination)


Development consents

View monthly approved development consent notices.


Development Activity Reports

View the statistics on Development Applications from lodgement through to determination to evaluate performance and trends.


Development variation registers

View our register of development applications determined with a variation to a development standard under Clause 4.6 Pittwater LEP 2014...


Guidelines for development on flood prone land

How to obtain flood information from Council, how to determine what rules apply on flood prone land, and how to...