Coastal ecosystems lie within a dynamic environment impacted by processes from the atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Managing our coastal zone is a major priority. This involves Northern Beaches Council guiding and regulating land development processes, providing local services and managing public land. Strong community involvement is critical to its success.


Northern Beaches’ Headlands rise spectacularly above the ocean. They are perfect vantage points for enjoying coastline and ocean views.

Rock Platforms

When the tide retreats a secret world of marine ecosystems opens up with clusters of mini aquariums, seething with tiny creatures.

Coastal Erosion

Our beaches are constantly changing, affected by short and long term natural environmental processes. As a result they need careful management.

Coastal Zone Management Plans

The development of best practice Coastline Management Plans (CMPs) is essential for both legislative and community reasons.

Water Management

We’re working hard to promote and support water saving measures, incorporating education, urban design and recycling measures.


Once considered wastelands to be drained, filled and developed, our Northern Beaches wetlands are now valued conservation areas.

Middle Harbour

Come and explore first hand, one of Sydney's last natural harbour-side rainforests.

Pittwater Waterway

Iconic and beautiful, Pittwater Waterway’s varied marine biodiversity and delicate estuarine habitats contribute to its local and regional ...


Creeks, interlinked with estuaries, wetlands and lagoons, contain a high native species richness and diversity.

Coastal Lagoons

A constant source of beauty and recreation, coastal lagoons’ fragile ecosystems are also home to a variety of native plants and animals.
Last updated : Fri 6 Oct 2017