Our spectacular coastline and natural bushland are home to around 75 threatened native plant and animal species and significant Aboriginal sites. This makes Northern Beaches a unique living environment with precious features that are vulnerable to pressures from development, pollution and climate change. Find out here, how we’re safeguarding all of this.

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Keep up with our environmental news and events on the Northern Beaches.

Backyard habitat

Your backyard can be a habitat for our precious and delightful local wildlife! Find out how to create a space that you and our native animals can ...


Our bushland is made up of native plants which together form different vegetation communities that cover large areas of the Northern Beaches.

Climate Emergency and Sustainability

Climate change will continue to impact both our natural environment and the liveability of the Northern Beaches and demands local and global action...

Coast and waterways

We live on an extraordinarily beautiful coast. Protecting the natural wonders of our coast and waterways is a council and community priority.

Coastal Environment Centre

The Northern Beaches Coastal Environment Centre provides experiential environmental education programs for everybody.

Manly Environment Centre

Known as the caretakers of Manly, the Manly Environment Centre (MEC) promotes sustainable living practices through practical projects. The MEC is an...

Swamp Wallaby

Native animals

Our native animals are precious creatures and the Northern Beaches is home to many of them.

Native plants

The Northern Beaches is home to hundreds of native plant and tree species, subspecies and varieties.

Natural hazards

Find out what Council does and what you can do to protect your home or business from the natural hazards encountered from time to time.

Pest animals

Pest animals are thriving on the Northern Beaches. Council is working to control these populations but you can help too.


Keeping the Northern Beaches free of pollution is key to maintaining the beautiful environment we live in.


Know what’s possible if trees need to be pruned or removed on your property or public land or if you want to know what tree to plant.


Weeds are invasive species and are a threat to the native biodiversity of the Northern Beaches.