Bin Collection Days

Find out when to put out your garbage, green waste and recycling bins for collection on the Northern Beaches.


Your guide to garbage on the Northern Beaches. Report a lost or missed bin service, order a damaged, lost or replacement bin and weatherproof signs.

Building Waste

All applications for development which include demolition or construction, must be accompanied by a Waste Management Plan

Bulky Goods Clean-Up

Our free bulky goods clean up collections are your opportunity to free up space at home.


Find out how to dispose of food waste and create environmentally friendly, natural fertiliser for your garden through composting and worm farms.


Find out where to drop off TVs, computers and computer components for recycling at safe locations on the Northern Beaches.

Hazardous Waste

Be guided on the many types of hazardous waste and how you can dispose of them safely.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is a crime. It is ugly, expensive to remove, and can damage the natural environment and human health. Please report it.

Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre

Discover Kimbriki, where 75% of Northern Beaches’ waste goes to get processed and recycled.

Offshore Services

Garbage, waste and recycling collection for Scotland Island and the Western Foreshores.

Public Cleaning

Find out what Council does to protect your health by cleaning and maintaining the public spaces you use and enjoy every day.


Find out how recycling can make a big difference to how much goes into landfill.

Single Use Plastic Reduction

Most plastic pollution comes from littering or overflowing bins, trucks and events, eventually becoming ‘accidental litter’. When it rains, ...

Waste Reduction

Find out how reducing waste can make a big difference to how much goes into landfill.

New Waste Collection Service

Our new waste collection service starts on 1 July 2019

School Education Programs

Council’s Waste Education team are able to help schools on a one on one basis to reduce their waste as each school will have different needs.