If you have a cat or dog, you’ll need to observe certain restrictions and obligations. Find out how to register your pet, where you can and can’t take your four-legged friend, how you can help protect our native wildlife by following some simple instructions and your closest leash free park.

Pets in emergencies 

It is important to consider your pets when planning for emergencies including storms, bush fires, floods and heatwaves. Emergency planning for pets is an important part of emergency household preparations. Planning ahead is critical and greatly increases the likelihood of evacuating your pets to safety. Find out more

Further advice on pet safety during emergencies from the NSW Department of Primary Industries

Dogs and cats

Cats and dogs make terrific companions but they need love, care and attention.



Microchip and register your pet. If they get lost, it will help you find them. Also, it’s required by law.


Stray animals

Have you lost your pet? Have you found a domestic animal? Here’s what you need to do.


Farm animals

Things you’ll need to know if you have a horse, chickens, or maybe even bees.