Our goal is to protect and enhance our natural and developed environment and to preserve our quality of life for future generations. We do this by using appropriate development and planning controls. Here you’ll find information about these controls, how they affect you and how you can follow them through.


Application search

Use our application search tool to track the progress of Development Applications, make submissions or to view other current or...


Property search

Use our Property Search to find the rules that apply to your next build.


Development Advisory Service

Council provides Planning Enquiry Officers to assist you in understanding Council's planning controls, the Development Assessment process and to answer...

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Lodge your application

Steps to take prior to lodging your DA, how to lodge your DA, support available, FAQs & Fact Sheets


Exempt and Complying Development

Council supports well designed and suitable developments, and not all projects require development consent.

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Development applications

Find pre-lodgement meeting information, the DA lodgement process, our determination panel information and access to our variation registers.


Environmental and community protections

Managing building sites correctly can reduce detrimental impacts on our Northern Beaches environment and community.


Post consent certificates

Information on appointing Council as a Principal Certifier and information on post consent certificates including Construction Certificates, Occupation Certificates, Subdivision...

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Planning controls

Building on the Northern Beaches? Find links to our LEPs, DCPs, SEPPs and specific controls here.


Planning panels

Some development applications (DAs) are referred to a Planning Panel for design review or determination. Read more about Council's Planning...


Development Contributions and Planning Agreements

Find out information on relevant Development Contributions and details relating the Planning Agreements.

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Planning Certificate (section 10.7 or S10.7)

A Planning Certificate (Section 10.7 or S10.7) is a legal document that provides you with the zoning of your property...

Engineering and Construction

Find out about the certification process and obtain the special permits and certificates you need for various building works and...


Planning for the future

The Northern Beaches is a unique location and we’re ensuring appropriate development controls keep it that way.


Building Information Certificate

Find information on requirements to apply for a Building Information Certificate and useful links and guides

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