Lane availability

Lanes available for lap swimming depend on classes and carnivals scheduled for different times.

Fitness Centre

MABC offers the best fitness equipment, facilities and exciting exercise classes. We’ll help you set goals and support your progress.

Children's Swim Program

MABC Children’s Learn to Swim Lessons resume on Monday 20 July.


MABC Squad Swimming resumes on Thursday 25 June.

Adult Swim Program

It’s never too late to learn. We have classes for all ages and all levels.

School Holiday Intensive Lessons

Dive into these school holidays and book your child into the school holiday intensive at Manly Andrew “Boy” Charlton Aquatic Centre.


Dive into action at the Manly Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton Aquatic Centre.

Hire Us

Book your next carnival at the Manly Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton Aquatic Centre.

Hours, Contact, Prices

Find out about Manly Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton Aquatic Centre’s opening hours and prices. Contact us for more information.

Amateur Swim Clubs

Swim clubs are a great way to keep fit and meet new people. Three run out of Manly Andrew 'Boy' Charlton: Manly Amateur Swim Club Enquiries: ...


If you’d like to apply for any of our services and understand the costs associated, this page will help you.