These are frequently asked questions about our Manly Parking Permit Scheme permits.

If the answer is not here, please call Customer Service on 1300 434 434.

What permit types are available?

Residential parking permit - Two per eligible residential property (third permit per eligible property on application under extenuating circumstances)

Multi-use parking permit - One per eligible residential property

Business parking permit - One per eligible business

Support worker parking permit - To eligible support worker vehicles

Car share parking permit - To eligible car share vehicles

Special issue parking permits - Depending on application by eligible charities, volunteers and not-for-profit services at the discretion of the CEO

Who is eligible to apply for a parking permit?

Residents, businesses, support workers, car share vehicles, charities, volunteers and not for profit services located within an existing Manly parking permit scheme area. 

Eligibility for each permit type is defined in the Manly Parking Permit Scheme Framework(Opens in a new window).

Where can I use my Manly parking permit?

Permits are linked to a scheme area and are only valid within the scheme area listed on the permit.  View the map

They do not replace the Beach Parking Permit or Pay and Display ticket requirements. Permits will no longer be issued for boats, trailers or caravans.

How long are permits valid?

Residential, multi-use, business and car share permits are valid for up to 12 months in line with the permit renewal dates for each scheme area.

There is no pro-rata rate available.

Support worker and special issue permits are valid for one year from the date of issue.

How much do the permits cost?

Permit fees are listed in Council’s Fees & Charges and are reviewed annually.

Residential or multi-use permits

  • 1st permit issued to property - $50 (concession $25)
  • 2nd permit issued to property - $110 (concession $55)
  • 3rd permit issued to property - $110 
  • Replacement multi-use permit - $230
  • 4th permit residential / multi-use (extenuating circumstances only) - $280

Car share, special issue, business and support worker permits

  • Car share permit - $230
  • Special issue not-for-profit organisation permit - $26
  • Business permit - $230
  • Support worker permit - $52

Who is eligible for the concession rate?

Refer to the cards listed in the Eligibility section of the NSW Office of Local Government Pensioner Concession Fact Sheet which must be presented at time of application.

What documentation do I need to supply?

Refer to Manly Parking Scheme Framework and application form for the type of permit you are applying for

Visitors/temporary and hire vehicles

The multi-use permit is for the use of visitors, tradespersons and carers. 

There are no temporary permits for car rental vehicles – multi-use is intended for this purpose.

How do I apply?

Northern Beaches Council
PO Box 82
Manly NSW  1655

My property does not allow me to apply online?

You can check your property eligibility on our website; however, not all properties are eligible for a permit or to apply online, these include:

  • Properties that have parking permit eligibility excluded as part of their consent (not eligible)
  • Your property is not within a prescribed scheme area (not eligible)
  • Certain property types i.e. mixed business/residential building, company title, community title, dual occupancy or non-strata (apply via email or mail using the application form).