Residents in areas that have already opened for applications can conveniently lodge and pay online for residential, multi-use and business parking permits.

Residential permit scheme areas and application dates

The framework only applies to the management of parking permits issued through the existing Manly parking permit scheme in the following areas:

  • Little Manly and Balgowlah
    Applications open 15 August. Valid 1 October - 30 September. 
  • Ocean Beach and Ethel Street West
    Applications open 15 September. Valid 1 November - 31 October. 
  • Isthmus and Fairy Bower
    Applications open 15 October 2021. Valid 1 December - 30 November. 
  • Tower Hill and Tower Hill Extension
    Applications open 15 January. Valid 1 March - 28 February. 
  • Ivanhoe Park and Ivanhoe Park Extension
    Applications open 15 February 2022. Valid 1 April - 31 March. 

Check your address

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