Northern Beaches Council monitors the progress of Development Applications from lodgement through to determination to evaluate performance and trends.

The reports are produced quarterly and at the end of each financial year and include the following highlights:

  • Number of Development Applications lodged and determined
  • Value of Development Applications received and approved
  • A breakdown of Development Applications received in each development proposal type (e.g. alterations & additions, secondary dwellings, commercial)
  • The average processing times for the quarter and the financial year

Further data can be found on our application search including the number applications received this week/month or determined this month.

Quarterly Development Activity Reports

For reference the average processing time for the 2019/20 financial year was 79 days.

* Improvement in processing time = compared to previous quarter

Development activity (da, mod & review)

July - SeptOct - Dec
Number of applications lodged617720
Number of applications determined495664
Value of applications received$238,643,478$447,018,861
Value of applications approved$261,002,081$388,106,790
Avg processing time79.5 days76.2 days
Improvement processing time*7 days2 days
Summary reportSummary reportSummary report


Determined by (da, mod & review)

July - SeptOct - Dec
Council staff450605
Determination panel2220
Local Planning Panel2033
Sydney North Planning Panel26
Land & Environment Court10


Type (da only)

July - SeptOct - Dec
Residential alterations / additions285361
New residential dwellings3570
Secondary dwellings4033
Multi-unit boarding houses / seniors living85
Residential flat buildings03
Mixed use / shop-top housing57
Commercial / industrial1836