Tell us how we can support your business to recover

We know the recent lockdown has been hard on our whole community, especially local businesses, many of which are owned and staffed by locals. 

As NSW Health restrictions ease, it won’t be business as usual as we're still living with some restrictions. This is where our ‘Back to Business’ program comes in. 

We’re committed to helping local businesses recover to help revitalise the economy whilst allowing our community to come together in a COVID-safe way. 

But, to do this, we need to hear from you!  

Submit your ideas 

We're asking local businesses to submit specific ideas on how Council can support their recovery. Think repurposing of public spaces, outdoor dining, social distance shopping and the cutting of red tape.

Complete the Expression of Interest form below with your business recovery ideas and we’ll assess it against the key criteria. 

Please note this is not a grant program, and NSW Health Orders will apply at all times.

Key assessment criteria

  • Legal – proposed activity must be legal
  • Safe – proposed activity must not endanger or create hazards for non-participants
  • Boost to economic activity 
  • Activity aligns with Council values – including the no pokies on the Corso clause
  • Not detrimental to other businesses – the activity will not have an unreasonably detrimental effect on other surrounding businesses

Contact information

Business Support Service
1300 434 434