Most building works need to be inspected to make sure the development is adhering to any State and Council planning rules set out in the Development Consent as well as the Building Code of Australia (BCA) . This ensures the safety of the property owner and other community members. 

Who Can do Building Inspections?

A Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) appointed by the land owner needs to carry out the inspections and this can be the Council or an Accredited Certifier (private practitioner accredited to act as public official). 

When Do You Appoint a PCA?

You must appoint a PCA before any work commences and if using a private sector PCA, the applicant must advise Council of the PCA’s name and accreditation number a minimum of two days before work begins.

What is the PCA Responsible For?

The PCA is responsible and has a duty of care in relation to any advice they give and action they take or omit to take at a construction site. They are the point of contact for the community and any issues with the development must be directed to them. They are also responsible for issuing any required certificates.

Appoint Council as the Certifying Authority

To obtain further information on how to appoint Council as the PCA please email Council's Building Certification team or call them on 1300 434 434.

Problems with a Private Certifier

Problems at a building site should first be reported to the Private Certifier and if they fail to take action the community can contact the Building Professional Board. In some instances, like matters involving pollution, Council can take action.