Gatherings of people

From 12.01am Friday 26 February, the following restrictions are in place across Greater Sydney and NSW:

  • 50 visitors will now be allowed in the home;
  • 30 people allowed to dance at weddings, with rotation on and off the dance floor;
  • Increased class limits for gyms to 50 people (currently 30) subject to the 4sqm rule;
  • Number of performers singing indoors increased to 30 (currently 5) subject to physical distancing requirements;
  • Singing by congregants allowed in places of worship if masks are worn and subject to one person per 4sqm (currently no congregant singing allowed, with one per 2sqm permitted in places of worship);
  • Increase capacity for cinemas to 100 per cent; and
  • If current trends continue, drinking while standing up at indoor venues will be allowed in three weeks’ time (from Wednesday, 17 March).

Stay tuned to NSW Health updates for more announcements regarding restrictions. 

We ask our community to cooperate for the health and safety of all. You can view NSW Health updates here