Council recognises the uncertainty many businesses are experiencing and have implemented a number of initiatives to assist local businesses.

Business to business support hub 

Council is establishing a Business to Business (B2B) Support Hub to tap into local knowledge and help businesses adapt to COVID-19 and join the road to recovery. We are looking for local professionals with different areas of expertise to connect with impacted businesses.

If you think your business can support other businesses to adapt please find out more.

Free webinar series 

We are offering a series of webinars to help you and your business navigate these changing times. If you missed any and would like to see a recording they are on Council's youtube channel.

  • Stay Calm during COVID-19 & Change.  Presented by The Greate Group and Council
  • Food safety for home businesses. Presented by Council.
  • Accessing small business support grants. Presented by Service NSW and Council
  • How to connect with customers during COVID-19.  Presented by Hullabaloo and Council


Business support package 

We have developed a business support plan in consultation with our five local Chamber of Commerce. Our priority is to ensure the local business community feels supported, is well informed and knows where and how to access advice, financial support and practical resources.

The business support plan includes a package of measures, which include waivers for 9 months on outdoor dining, food health on premises and fire safety fees as well as more flexible and pragmatic arrangements for supplier deliveries to supermarkets and parking for take-away pickups.

The package will bring cost savings to local businesses of approximately $1.5 million.

  • Fee waivers for six months on outdoor dining and footpath merchandise (extended for further 3 months until 31st December 2020)
  • Fee waivers for six months on food and other health on premises and fire safety fees (extended for further 3 months until 31st December 2020)
  • More flexible and pragmatic arrangements for supplier deliveries to supermarkets and parking for take-away pickups
  • Assistance to help businesses connect with customers, including help with social media marketing and ‘shop local’ initiatives.

Footpath merchandising

To help businesses comply with 1.5 metre social distancing, Council is allowing businesses that can meet appropriate conditions to display merchandise on the footpath.

  • Fee waiver from 3 June until 31 December 2020 on footpath merchandise on new applications. 

  • Conditions apply and businesses are required to register.

Outdoor dining areas

  • Due to current restrictions, outdoor dining fees are being suspended for a 9 month period with effect from 1 April 2020 until 31 December.
  • Affected business will not receive invoices from Council during this period.

Hardship assistance for Council rates and other fees and charges

Council recognises that the current situation with COVID-19 may result in financial impacts for some of our ratepayers, including commercial landlords and business owners paying Council Business Rates.

This could result in difficulties in paying rates and annual charges, along with other fees and charges invoiced by Council, as they fall due.

Council has a policy to provide assistance for ratepayers experiencing genuine financial hardship. Details of hardship relief available to eligible ratepayers can be found in Council’s Rates and Annual Charges Hardship Policy.  To make it easier to apply for rate during COVID-19 council has prepared a dedicated application form the COVID-19 form to apply for hardship relief

Businesses, groups and individuals who are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the issues with COVID-19 in relation to the payment of fees and other charges (other than rates) should make contact with the team as detailed on Council’s invoice. 

We will give consideration to extending payment terms or other payment arrangements, and will compassionately review all situations on a case-by-case basis and be as flexible as possible in extending arrangements during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Doing business with Council

If you do business with Council, please make sure you update us if the current restrictions will affect the performance of your services. We will work with you to ensure the best outcome for all. Read more

Doing takeaway?

We can help your café/restaurant get set-up to do takeaway. If you’re now selling food, including sales or giveaway on social media, or via a website platform, it’s important you let us know.

  1. Update your details with us.
  2. Do the self-assessment so that you're all set and meet the regulations for doing takeaway.
  3. Email us both forms.
  4. We'll send you helpful news and updates.

If you need more help call us on 1300 434 434 or read more on Food Businesses.

Register for updates

We encourage businesses to register for regular updates on the Business News page

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