Like the rest of Australia and all around the world, life on the Northern Beaches is changing as a result of the evolving situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

We know this is a difficult time for our community and we’re particularly mindful of people who are most vulnerable and socially isolated. 

We’re working to ensure our community stays connected and gets the services they need:

Financial Hardship

Covid-19 may result in ratepayers suffering hardship and difficulties in paying rates and annual charges, along with other fees and charges invoiced by Council, as they fall due - apply for hardship relief.

Online Religious Services

Our local religious communities are still sharing their messages of love and hope in different ways during this time.  

There are lots of online religious services, resources and alternate support arrangements for our community to help you remain connected to community and to your faith during this challenging time.  Delivered in a safe, contactless way and in accordance with government directives or recommendations current at the time. View the list

Meal on Wheels 

Meals on Wheels will continue as a non-contact service. Meals on Wheels is as an essential service which ensures our most vulnerable community members have access to nutritious meals. Staff will be conducting wellbeing checks and follow up phone calls to ensure people are looked after and referred to any additional support they may need. 

Library Services 

All library branches are closed (including all community libraries).

Staff from the closed libraries will be redeployed to operate a new Library 2U to allow our members to keep borrowing and reading. 

Our Home Library Service will also continue and will be offering increased service for the most vulnerable in our community.

Adolescent and Family Counselling 

Our adolescent and family counselling service will move to online and phone sessions. During this unprecedented and stressful time, it’s essential that vulnerable young people and families are able to access this service. 

Working with community groups 

Our staff have been connecting with groups such as Community Northern Beaches and all Not for Profits and NGOs in the area to understand their needs, identify any gaps in the current service delivery and what we can do to help.

We are also working with local women’s shelters on how they can manage additional needs should they see an increase. 

Youth services

We’ve moved many of our face to face meetings with our youth services such as GLAM to online and video conferencing so we can still meet and support them, just not in person. 

Unfortunately we have had to cancel all of our youth events and activities including our Northern Composure band comp which we will reschedule when it’s safe to do so.

Extra cleansing 

For our services that do remain open we have increased cleaning routines and promoted hygiene awareness. 


This situation is evolving quickly and Council will continue to review our services and how we can help the community as this develops.

Helpful Documents

Online Religious Services

A listing of online religious services and support to help you remain connected to community and to your faith.

Financial Hardship

Covid-19 may result in ratepayers suffering hardship and difficulties in paying rates and annual charges - apply for hardship relief.