Northern Beaches Council has banned e-waste like TVs, computers and computer components from Bulky Goods Collection.

What is E-waste?

Televisions, desktop and portable computers, monitors, mice, keyboards, cables, drives, printers, scanners, projectors, computer speakers and computer-related peripherals.


As a first priority, try to re-home these unwanted electronic items for reuse. You can pass them on to a friend or family member. Or if they don’t work anymore, try listing them online as spare parts.

Where to recycle TVs and computer equipment

If you are not able to re-home the items, take them to one of the locations below for recycling (check limits first before you go). Free through the National TV & Recycling Scheme.

What to do with other electronic items

You can put out certain electronic items for metal recycling at our bulky goods clean-up collections.

This includes game consoles, video recorders, DVD and Blu-ray players, toner cartridges, radios or stereos, power tools, universal power supplies and other electrical appliances as long as they are more than 80% metal. Your metals must be in a separate pile from the other goods you put out. 

Northern Beaches Reuse and Recycling Map

Use our map to find your nearest outlet that accepts eWaste.