Most plastic pollution comes from littering or overflowing bins, trucks and events, eventually becoming ‘accidental litter’. When it rains, litter goes down the drain, through stormwater pipes and out to sea. Over a long period of time, this plastic pollution breaks into smaller pieces (it never breaks down) and eventually becomes micro plastic, which pollutes our oceans and kills marine life.

Council is dedicated to a plastic free Northern Beaches and deliver a number of initiatives to reduce single use plastics.

Did you know?

Swap this for that

‘Swap this for that’ encourages the community to refuse single use plastic bags, bottles, straws and coffee cups and use...

Cross mark on a single-use plastic cup and a tick next to a reusable cup

Water fountain program

Council has water fountains all across the Northern Beaches, making it easy to refill your reusable bottle when you’re out...


Other Council initiatives

Council is dedicated to a plastic free Northern Beaches. See our initiatives to reduce single use plastics.


Community initiatives

Council supports community groups working to reduce single use plastics


School initiatives

Schools are reducing single use plastics in many ways - helping students to positively impact our environment.


Plastic Free July

Let’s create a world without waste, choose to refuse single-use during Plastic Free July and beyond!


Plastic free parties

Having a party without using single use plastics might seem daunting, but it’s easy to do if you follow our...