Northern Beaches Reuse and Recycling Map

Use our handy map to find your nearest clothing bin, retail op shop, or other outlet that accepts used goods for free - including toys, bikes, sporting equipment, eye glasses, furniture and more for reuse and recycling! Whilst you are there, have a browse - you might find a bargain!

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We encourage local organisations and not-for-profit groups to publicise their recycling and reuse opportunities (conditions apply). Please email our Waste team to be added to our map.

No endorsement: listing on this page is provided for information purposes only and does not mean Council endorses the organisation's products or services.

How to use the map

Click on the menu icon in the title bar below to view and select the categories you wish to view. Click on each icon to view the details and location.

Other resources

Find out what Council is doing and how you can reduce re-use and recycle.