Report a Bin Issue

If your bin has lost a wheel, has a broken lid, or is damaged in anyway report a bin issue so that we can repair or replace it. You can also report a missed waste servicebin spillage or a missing bin. Once your request has been submitted, please put your bin out so we are able to attend to it.

Bin Guide

It’s easy to separate recycling and keep it out of landfill when you know exactly what waste should go into each of your colour-coded bins.

Yellow is for Mixed Container Recycling

All plastic, metal and carton containers, glass bottles and jars from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, including small plastic plant pots, plastic meat trays and fruit punnets, even without recycling symbols. No plastic bags, cling wrap, polystyrene, ceramics, white glass (like Malibu bottles), flat glass or furniture or toys.

Blue is for Clean Paper and Cardboard

For clean paper and cardboard only, including glossy magazines and shredded paper. Please flatten boxes and crumpled paper if you can. No food, wax-coated cardboard or soiled paper. For these, please use your red or dark green garbage bin.

Lime Green is for Vegetation

For garden waste like leaves, branches less than 75mm thick, dead flowers, grass cuttings and other vegetation that can be mulched. No tree stumps, logs, trunks, soil, bricks, plant pots, tiles, stones or concrete.

Red or Dark Green is for Garbage

For general household garbage we can’t recycle, including wax-coated cardboard or soiled paper, plastic bags, cling wrap, polystyrene and ceramics. Bag lightweight waste like sawdust, dust or ash or seal it in a container so it can’t blow around. No building materials, liquids or hazardous waste.

How to Order Extra or Larger Bins

For no additional charge, residents from Manly to Narrabeen can order extra or larger yellow (mixed container) or blue (paper and cardboard) bins.

For an additional charge:
- Residents from Queenscliff to Narrabeen can order a larger 120L red or dark-green garbage bins
- All residents can order extra red or dark-green garbage bins
- All residents can order extra lime-green (vegetation) bins

Contact Customer Service on 1300 434 434 for more information.

Free Recycling Posters and Stickers

To help educate about separating waste and recycling, we provide free resources for unit blocks and households.

Pick up from Customer Service

Residents may collect weatherproof posters for unit blocks and bin stickers for both unit blocks and households from Council's Customer Service Centres

Download and Print

Alternatively you may wish to download and print your own poster if your bin bay is under shelter. Don't forget to set your printer page size before printing.