Bin guide

It’s easy to separate recycling and keep it out of landfill when you know exactly what waste should go into each of your colour-coded bins.

Smart bins

A chip is on the bin so we know how many collections we are making across the area, whether any properties have missed their collections and also ensure bin replacements. With better information, we can provide a better service and manage our costs. The chip doesn't monitor the waste content of the bin and there is no camera in the chip.

Extra Bins

The standard service is designed to meet the needs of most residents. If you require additional capacity you can customise your service to create your own bespoke waste service and manage your waste responsibly.

Costs for additional services

Council will not be charging residents by individual waste amounts. While Council may be able to weigh individual bins in the future, this would only be used to monitor the charges to Council from our contractors (ie so that Council only pays for the waste the contractor collects as part of its contract).

Red bin

Each additional service $280/annum

Blue bin

2nd service - $31/annum
3rd-4th additional service - $105/service/annum

Yellow bin

2nd service - $31/annum
3rd-4th additional service - $105/service/annum

Green bin

2nd service - Free
3rd-4th additional service = $31/service/annum


Free bags to help you sort your recycling

Pick up from Customer Service

Residents may collect the bags for both unit block and households from Council's Customer Service Centres - limited to 1 blue bag and 1 yellow bag per household. 

If you live in a unit block and require more please contact Waste Education

Free recycling posters, stickers

To help educate about separating waste and recycling, we provide free resources for unit blocks and households.

Pick up from Customer Service

Residents may collect weatherproof posters for unit blocks and bags and bin stickers for both unit blocks and households from Council's Customer Service Centres

Download and print

Alternatively you may wish to download and print your own poster if your bin bay is under shelter. Don't forget to set your printer page size before printing.

Bin extension handle

A bin extension handle is available to make it easier to pull up a steep driveway or assist those with back issues.