Garbage Collection Scotland Island and Western Foreshores

  • Collections are twice weekly - Monday and Friday
  • Additional summer services - mid December to first week of February on Wednesdays
  • Collections are from public wharves and also from waterfront properties with year round tidal access.
  • Public wharves have skip bins and 240 litre garbage bins.
  • Waterfront properties have a bin and hoop stand affixed to their jetty/private wharf

Recycling Collection Western Foreshores

  • Collections are twice weekly - Monday and Friday. 
  • Collections are from public wharves only
  • Public wharves have 240 litre wheelie bins for paper and cardboard (blue lid) and 240 litre wheelie bins for plastics, glass, aluminium and steel cans (yellow lid). 

Recycling Collection Scotland Island

  • Collections are weekly on Mondays.
  • Collections are from the roadside where recycling crates are used.
  • Recycling crates are free please call our waste service team on 1300 434 434 to order new or replacement crates

Garden Organics Service – Scotland Island

  • Two collections a year
  • Place out a maximum of 2 cubic metres per collection per household
  • Leaf litter, prunings and cuttings placed in hard sided containers
  • Branch length to be no longer than 1.2m and 75mm thick - tied into manageable bundles with twine
  • Place materials on the roadside no later than 6am prior to collection date.