If we understand the impact of recycling we can make a big difference to how much rubbish goes needlessly into landfill.

Recycling Guide - A to Z

From ‘A’ - for air conditioners - to ‘Z’ - for zip lock bags - use our A to Z guide to work out where you can recycle a whole heap of different things.

Return and Earn

Council provides kerbside recycling services to the local community. To complement these services, the NSW Government is delivering the largest litter reduction scheme introduced in NSW - the container deposit scheme, Return and Earn. The scheme started in December 2017 to help reduce drink container litter, which in 2014-15 totalled about 160 million drink containers and aims to reduce litter in NSW by 40% by 2020.

More details and local collection points can be found on Return and Earn.

Great things happen to your recycling

  • Glass: Glass containers, fill for drainage, used in products cement
  • Plastics: Drainpipes, wheelie bins, crates, textiles, building materials, furniture
  • Paper and cardboard: Toilet paper, boxes, stationery
  • Aluminium cans: More aluminium cans
  • Steel cans: Train tracks, planes, cars, building products, more steel cans
  • Vegetation: Compost, fertiliser, mulch

Free recycling posters and stickers 

To help educate about separating waste and recycling, we provide weatherproof posters for unit blocks and bin stickers for both unit blocks and households.

Residents may collect these free items from Council's Customer Service Centres. 

Diversion of recyclables from landfill

Under the new contract agreement with SUEZ, which commenced 1 July 2019, the contents of the red bin continues to be tipped at the Belrose Transfer Station.  The contents are then directed to an existing processing facility with some recyclables including metals are recovered for recycling.

The remainder goes through a composting process to substantially reduce the volume of the waste and carbon emissions.

Keep plastic bags and other soft plastics out of landfill

Plastic bags, including green bags, plastic packaging and other soft plastics can be recycled in the REDcycle bin at participating supermarkets.

The REDcycle program recycles them into outdoor furniture for primary and pre-schools. Visit REDcycle for a list of recyclable soft plastic items and participating supermarkets.

Remember it is always best to avoid using single use plastic in the first place. Only rigid plastics such as plastic bottles and plastic containers can be added to your domestic yellow lid container recycling bin.

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