Council is taking measured precautions to keep our staff and community safe. View the latest updates on the evolving situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Covid-19 - Earlier start time

Our waste contractors URM, amongst others, are also required to meet their obligations towards implementing mitigation measure to reduce risks of COVID-19 to their employees.

Given they have a very large number of employees arriving at their depots all at once each morning, they have requested our consent to allow shifts to commence prior to the usual 6am start time from the depot.

This will allow them to reduce the aggregation of employees by staggering vehicle exits and hence comply with the social distancing ruling, keeping them and our community safer and enabling them to continue to be able to provide waste services.

This new start time will continue until the Government provides advice that the virus is under control. These are difficult circumstances and we appreciate your patience and understanding.


A smarter, greener, safer, cleaner waste service

Our community wants to reduce waste and the impact it has on the environment. Together we can champion the war on waste.

Our priority is to improve environmental outcomes and keep costs down so we’ve rolled out a safer, cleaner and smarter waste solution.

Waste online help centre

Waste service costs

Despite rising costs of recycling, Council is delivering savings and keeping costs contained for Northern Beaches households.

The cost for your standard domestic waste service for 2020/21 is $446 - $20.50 subsidy*= $425.50.

Standard Service$405$446 - $20.50 subsidy*
= $425.50

* COVID-19 Support – Under the Local Government Act, Council will offer for 2020-2021 a subsidy to ratepayers equivalent to 50% subsidy of the increase (half the $41 increase) and pay $425.50 for their standard service.

The standard service is designed to meet the needs of most residents. If you require additional capacity you can order extra bins.

Council will not be charging residents by individual waste amounts. While Council may be able to weigh individual bins in the future, this would only be used to monitor the charges to Council from our contractors (ie so that Council only pays for the waste the contractor collects as part of its contract).

Environmental benefits

We have a four bin separation system to sort the waste at the source giving us the best chance to recycle and reuse household waste. 

However, all our general household waste (red bin) is now also going to a processing plant instead of straight to landfill. This extracts any recyclable materials and processes the remaining waste, further reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. 

This avoids the equivalent of over 43,200 tonnes of CO2 each year – that’s like taking 8,400 cars off the road. 

We also have a fleet of brand new trucks with the latest technology, reducing emissions and fully enclosed hoppers to prevent litter and reduce odour. 

We are continuing to protect our very good quality vegetation by maintaining a separate green vegetation bin, ensuring that our garden waste can be returned to the earth as commercial grade compost and soil conditioners.

Bulky goods collections

If you live in the Northern Beaches area, you can pre-book two bulky goods clean up collections within 12 months (subject to availability). This service is only available to mainland residents that pay a domestic waste service charge.

The 12 month period commences from the date of your first booking. Please note, this service is not available during the last week of December and first week of January and longer wait times may be experienced over the summer holidays due to peak demand.

A booking must be made before materials are left out for collection. Clean ups are scheduled by zone. When making a booking you will note that they generally occur at five (5) weekly intervals for your area and only on a Monday or Tuesday.

More information

If you need to report a missed or partial service or have any other issues with your waste service please visit the waste online help centre using the button below.

Waste calculator

If you do require additional extra waste services,calculate how much your additional services will cost using our waste calculator.