Our creative community 

The Northern Beaches is home to a higher than average percentage of artists, creatives and cultural workers. 

Our local creative community generated $1,16m in economic output and $790 million in value added for the Northern Beaches Council area in 2018/19 (4.2% of Greater Sydney's total Cultural and Creative Sector value). Our artists and creatives are the drivers of a vibrant local economy.

The Northern Beaches creative sector has the 2nd highest number of jobs in NSW for specialised design and photographic services, book and magazine publishing and arts education and the 3rd highest number of jobs in NSW for architects, artists, musicians, writers and performers. Our creative economy supported 7,050 local jobs (6.5% of total jobs in the LGA) and provided employment for 13,207 residents (8.5% of all employed residents) in 2018/19.

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Our Local Creatives

Each month we showcase some of the talented people who live and work in our community, exploring the diversity of artistic and creative practices on the Northern Beaches. Find more of our creative community on Instagram through the hashtag #creativenorthernbeaches. With 900+ posts, join in and use the hashtag to share your own local creative practice.


Visual artist - Joanna Gambotto

Tell us about your creative practice? My creative practice revolves mainly around painting. My vividly layered works of everyday familiarities and places visited, aim to encapsulate the fine line between reality and fantasy. How does the Northern Beaches inspire your work? Whilst the Northern Beaches doesn’t directly inspire my subject matter, it does provide me with a happy place to live and create work. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time as a creative practitioner? I really can’t tell. I’ll definitely still be painting, but who knows what else. The wonderful thing about the creative process is that you never know where it is going to take you. Name one thing that you couldn’t live without. Oxygen!

Find Joanna online or on social media as @joannagambotto

Creative Director / Digital Producer - Tony Funiciello

Tell us about your creative practice/business? I am CEO of Shuffle Studio in Brookvale. a co-working community of entrepreneurs, creative professionals, artists and like-minded individuals, designing, developing and producing original digital content across all mediums.  How does the Northern Beaches inspire your work? The role we play in empowering the local art, culture and creative industries ecosystem.   Name one thing that you couldn’t live without. A creative output that benefits others.

Find Shuffle Studio online or on social media as @shufflemedia

Visual artist - Fiona Verity

A local visual artist and teacher, Fiona is often out in the landscape immersing herself and finding inspiration in the natural environment of the Northern Beaches. A constant curiosity drives Fiona to draw daily in her sketchbooks, a discipline that underpins her creative practice that is constantly evolving in new and exciting ways.

“My regular dose and connection with nature, provides a constant source of imagery and inspirations.”

Earlier this year Fiona launched a podcast called Art W**k with fellow artist and friend Julie Nicholson. They share their own creative stories in a friendly and relaxed way in combination with incisive interviews with other artists, curators, gallery owners and teachers - discussing the art world with a comical spin.

Find her online or on social media as @fionaverity

Writer/Author - Zena Shapter 

Local author, writing mentor and small business owner Zena Shapter, has been instrumental in developing many successful community writing projects on the Northern Beaches, including the Art & Words Project in partnership with MAG&M, and ‘Write Your Story' Youth Project and founding the Northern Beaches Writers’ Group. A passionate storyteller, Zena's own award-winning writing crosses both age and genre. "Staying connected with other local artists and writers, extends the joy of creativity and the professional development of the craft".  

Find Zena online or on social media as @ZenaShapter

Designer/Maker - Toby Eagle

Local metalsmith and jeweller, Toby Eagle built an artists’ hub in Brookvale called 'The Vale Studios' in 2015, where she shares the space with other local artists. Toby’s practice focuses on traditional techniques, creating one-of–a-kind pieces with an eco-conscious twist, using reclaimed sterling silver and gold. “When I built the Vale Studios it was with the intention of surrounding myself with other talented creatives and to establish a supportive culture, collaborating on projects.”

Find Toby online or on social media as @tobyeaglejewellery

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