Local creative - November

Brayden Harry

Working across multiple artforms, including performance and film, Creative Community Support grant recipient, Brayden Harry, has produced a captivating short film, The Crafting, to be released later this month.

Brayden draws from his background in dance and theatre, while also working as a choreographer and movement director across diverse film projects; including fashion, shorts and music videos.

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Photo credit: Olivia Oliver

Tell us about your creative practice

My creative practice ranges from performance to film making. As a director, my work often draws from my background and training in dance/theatre. I also work as a choreographer and movement director across different forms of film projects; including fashion, shorts and music videos.

How does the Northern Beaches inspire your work?

The Northern Beaches has a solid creative culture and I’ve been able to connect and collaborate with some amazing creatives/artists and work on projects together. I love how the beautiful physical environment and ease of the area translates into giving up space to conceptualise and develop creative works.

What has been the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your creative projects?

As an independent artist COVID-19 had quite a significant impact on my work. Lots of work was cancelled and collaborative work on film sets and in theatres wasn't able to happen. The extra time and slower pace of life definitely gave me time to gauge where I was at and what direction I truly wanted to go with my creative work. It also gave me time and space to develop projects and ideas that I would never have been able to give my attention to if the pace hadn’t changed.

How has the Creative Community Support Grant funding helped you adapt to the changing environment?

The funding for my film project helped to translate dance to a digital platform, to enable audiences to experience this artform without needing to congregate in large groups, such as a theatre. The funding has created an opportunity for different sectors of the creative community; including dancers, film makers, designers and musicians to collaborate on a project amidst this pandemic.  I believe it is important for creative individuals/companies to continue working on projects at this time. This will not only inspire others within the industry and community, but also allow for a seamless transition back to ‘normal’.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years-time as a creative practitioner?

I’d love to still be creating with the people I have around me now and continue working with other artists and companies etc. Being involved in projects that vary and are different to each other excites me, and I’d hope to be creating in both the performance and film making worlds.

Name one thing that you couldn’t live without

My family and friends - they keep it real.


Images: On the set of The Crafting  Photographer: © Olivia Oliver. Images courtesy Brayden Harry