Local creative - Tony Funiciello

Creative Director / Digital Producer

Tony is a pioneering Installation Artist, Creative Director and experiential branding expert. With over 20 years professional experience in the fields of audio-visual production, CGI, graphic design, sound design and art direction, Tony's proprietary multi-media technologies, production processes and project management expertise enables him to deliver large scale, world-class audio-visual spectacles for commercial, corporate and cultural events.

Tony is a world-class Installation Art pioneer developing his own proprietary technologies. In the past decade, he has brought to life some of Sydney's most iconic buildings and structures, providing high impact audiovisual event activations for blue-chip brands including Google, Citibank, PWC, LG, City of Sydney 2030 amongst others.

Find Shuffle Studio online or on social media as @shufflemedia

Tell us about your creative practice/business?

I am CEO of Shuffle Studio in Brookvale. a co-working community of entrepreneurs, creative professionals, artists and like-minded individuals, designing, developing and producing original digital content across all mediums.

How does the Northern Beaches inspire your work?

The role we play in empowering the local art, culture and creative industries ecosystem.

Name one thing that you couldn’t live without?

A creative output that benefits others.