Access the Culture Map Live to find creative resources near you or get on the map.


The Northern Beaches is home to thriving and diverse creative communities across its beaches, bushlands, urban and industrial areas and has been a place for cultural practice for tens of thousands of years. Culture Map Live plots the location of cultural and creative assets such as public artworks, businesses and events within the Northern Beaches.  It’s a free online resource for anyone to use.

The Map is intended to grow and change over time - one year since it launched, in November 2021, we are celebrating the 1220+ people and places on the Map.

We invite you to join and explore this growing online creative community. We also encourage you to submit edits and add missing cultural and creative resources to the map to keep it up-to-date.

Listen to local architect in training and small creative business founder, Madison Macheske, talk about her experience of Culture Map Live in the video above and learn more about the Culture Mapping Project in the Report below.