Staying mentally healthy is even more of a balancing act in these uncertain times we’re living in right now, ’Safe and Sound Webinar Series’ featured 6 webinars aimed at supporting young people, youth supports, men, women, seniors and LGBTIQA+ communities.

In each webinar, we heard from a range of speakers from local support services and organisations sharing tips and information about key stressors and the services available to help you and the people around you live well. 

A key theme of the webinar series was to reach out and get support, with a friend or family member or to an organisation in a position to hear and support you. Please find here a comprehensive list of services available for you to connect and get support if needed. 

This webinar series has been funded by NSW Ministry of Health as part of our Suicide Prevention Community Gatekeeper Training Project.

Safe and Sound Webinar Recordings 

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