Tips and resources to help

Here's a list of tips and resources to support your mental health and wellbeing - especially during COVID-19.

How to take care of your mental health

  1. Stay connected — keep in touch by phone, social media or video calls
  2. Keep moving — exercise to relieve stress
  3. Stick to a routine — keep regular sleeping and eating patterns
  4. Switch off — take a break from the news if it feels overwhelming
  5. Reach out — activate your support network or reach out for professional help

For young people

Looking after someone else


  • Counselling for individuals, couples, families, households and teams. (Relationships NSW)  

Families and children

Keeping healthy at home

Working from home and your health

Better sleep

Managing your alcohol intake

Staying connected

As the world moves more people into isolation it can be a struggle to feel like you are staying connected. Our communities can stay connected if we look out for each other- find our more about our Hello Neighbour campaign.

Having good neighbours and a strong community can be more important than you realise – if you’re more engaged with your neighbours your street will be a better place to live in. Check out our It Takes a Village program to find out more about getting involved in your neighbourhood. 

Become a community gatekeeper

We're rolling out suicide awareness training to hundreds of community members over the next three years to support people who might be at risk of suicide. Read more and register for online training.