Domestic and family violence occurs when someone who has a close personal relationship with you makes you feel afraid, powerless or unsafe. It can be physical, but can also be emotional and psychological. Anyone can experience domestic and family violence. It happens across communities, ages, cultures and sexes. Women are almost three times more likely than men to have experienced violence by a partner since the age of 15 (ABS, 2017).

Domestic violence takes many forms aiming to control, intimidate, terrify or coerce another person. It includes physical, sexual, verbal, psychological, mental, and emotional abuse. Also stalking, harassment, financial abuse and manipulation, denial of freedom or choice and control of access to family and friends. Council is committed to addressing domestic and family violence in our community.

Northern Beaches Local Domestic Violence Committee

Northern Beaches Local Domestic Violence Committee has a membership of local police and community service providers.  We work collectively to raise awareness of domestic and family violence within the local area. We remain committed to increasing public awareness and providing immediate support for anyone in our community affected by domestic violence.

Local Support

Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate between race, gender, sexuality, culture or religion. Anyone can be affected.

Our families support page suggests many resources offering advice and help. Keep Them Safe Family Referral Services (FRS) is a great starting point. Call 1 800 066 757, 8am to 6pm weekdays or visit online anytime.

Need help? These confidential hotlines are available 24hrs: