A strong community is one where our most vulnerable are supported. People living on the streets need our support. In reality, homelessness affects most communities. There’s no easy answer to the complex issues that lead to homelessness. However, there are actions that can help ease the issue.

Homeless Persons Protocol

People living on the streets with limited access to medical or social support, is unacceptable. Northern Beaches Council developed the Homeless Persons Protocol to assist our staff in responding appropriately and with sensitivity to people experiencing homelessness.

Knowing our responsibilities and obligations, Council can better support community concerns regarding homeless people in public spaces. 

Meeting the Needs of Vulnerable People

Council recognises that the homeless are amongst the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our community. One of the guiding principles of the Protocol is supporting an approach of social inclusiveness. Through this, we are committed to reducing the impact of homelessness on our most vulnerable populations.

Right of Access to Public Space

Northern Beaches Council supports the rights of all our community members to use public spaces, including our homeless and disadvantaged citizens.  We also recognise our responsibility towards our larger community in ensuring ours is a safe and peaceful environment for everyone. 

Addressing Negative Impacts

We’re committed to responding, sensitively and effectively to the issue of rough sleeping. Guided by our Homeless Persons Protocol we’ll address any community concerns as they arise.

We will always work with the community to improve actual and perceived safety for homeless people, residents, businesses and visitors.

Providing for Healthy Communities

Our commitment to improving economic, social and health standards in our community is ongoing.  We manage and facilitate programs and initiatives that contribute to physical and mental wellbeing.

We strive to improve access to health, mental health and drug and alcohol services for everyone including those who are homeless and disadvantaged.

Youth Shoebox Project - Give to Someone Else This Xmas!

Each year, a group of Northern Beaches' young people work with Council to brighten Christmas for homeless youths with a call to donate presents. Young children often receive donated gifts, but youth aged 11 - 24 rarely do.

Learn more, or better still, join the next Youth Shoebox Project.

Find out more about our commitment to a safe and inclusive community through our Homeless Persons Protocol