Throughout the years we curate an eclectic range of exhibitions, featuring painting, drawing, photography, illustration, multimedia, ceramics, printmaking, and even music and dance. You’ll find inspiration from emerging and established local, Indigenous and international artists, and we’ll always try to surprise you.

It’s inspirational to look back and remember the many astonishing installations, experiences and exhibitions the MAG&M has been privileged to host over just the past few years, and the many artists we have been able to present. 

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Sarah Robson: Spatial Interventions

7 Nov – 14 Dec 2014

Sarah Robson has moved between the disciplines of painting, sculpture and installation throughout her career. This exhibition brought together for the first time a selection of works spanning 20 years that exhibit her ongoing fascination with the creation of space. 

Joshua Yeldham: Surrender

19 Sep – 2 Nov 2014

An exhibition exploring the work of one of Australia’s most creative contemporary artists through film, painting, photography and sculpture. It took audiences on a journey past jagged sandstone cliffs, along river banks, through twisted spotted gums and oyster leases, recording the beauty and timelessness of the landscape.

The Making of Midnight Oil

20 Jun – 7 Sep 2014

This major touring exhibition, comprising a collection of rare memorabilia sourced from public and private collections, including the archive of the band itself, was developed by MAG&M to celebrate the role Midnight Oil has played in Australia’s social and cultural history over the past 40 years. 

Christine Ball: 501 Little Dishes: A Childhood Memoir

2 May – 8 Jun 2014

The artist took us on a journey through her Northern Beaches childhood from 1952 until her final year of school in 1970. The images – sometimes abstract, sometimes figurative – were mapped on hanging dishes 12cm in diameter, creating a dynamic and evocative installation exploring memory and place. 

The Course of Objects: The Fine Lines of Enquiry

2 May – 8 Jun 2014

This exhibition, presented with The Australian Ceramics Association, mapped recent ceramic practice in Australia. Unravelling associations between things, or constellations in things, curator Susan Ostling and 26 contemporary artists considered transient affinities and correspondences between the selected works to trigger or to extend connections as metaphor. 

The Three O’s: Orban, Olsen & Ogburn

21 Mar – 27 Apr 2014

With over 90 works drawn from major institutions and public collections, this touring exhibition developed by Orange Regional Gallery and curated by Emma Collerton reassessed the creative paths of three unique artists: Desiderius Orban and two of his students, John Ogburn and John Olsen.

Art from the Vault

21 Mar – 27 Apr 2014

Artworks by Tom Roberts, Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo, A.H. Fullwood and Harold Greenhill filled the walls alongside more recent MAG&M acquisitions of works by Paul Ryan, Bill Leak, Merilyn Fairskye, Paola Talbert and John Olsen, among others. We wanted all our visitors to marvel at familiar masterpieces and rarely seen gems.

Express Yourself 2014

21 Feb – 16 Mar 2014

Each year, ‘Express Yourself’ celebrates the work of emerging artists from the Northern Beaches’ secondary schools through multimedia, digital, sculpture, graphics and drawing. The outstanding technical and artistic calibre of the works reflect the students’ artistic strength and the high quality of teaching and learning of HSC visual arts.

Bill Leak Portraits

5 Dec 2013 – 9 Feb 2014

‘Bill Leak Portraits’ was a definitive selection of incisive, controversial and provocative portraits of some of Australia’s most famous and infamous personalities. Bill Leak was a regular Archibald Prize finalist, and twice winner of both People’s Choice and the Packing Room prizes.