Throughout the years we curate an eclectic range of exhibitions, featuring painting, drawing, photography, illustration, multimedia, ceramics, printmaking, and even music and dance. You’ll find inspiration from emerging and established local, Indigenous and international artists, and we’ll always try to surprise you.

It’s inspirational to look back and remember the many astonishing installations, experiences and exhibitions the MAG&M has been privileged to host over just the past few years, and the many artists we have been able to present. 

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Sue Healey on View

5 Dec 2013 – 9 Feb 2014

Sue Healey is one of Australia’s leading contemporary choreographers, and a highly respected dance, film and installation artist. She created this new dance installation work that featured two dancers, Raghav Handa and Shona Erskine, especially for MAG&M.

Keeping Company with the Collection

8 Nov – 1 Dec 2013

A selected exhibition of works by members of the MAG&M Society and Northern Beaches artists who have drawn inspiration from MAG&M’s diverse collection. The exhibition supported and connected this region’s contemporary artists with the gallery and its collection, which was established in 1924.

Northern Sydney Institute, TAFE 2013

8 Nov – 1 Dec 2013

A dynamic installation by graduating students from the School of Fine Arts, Digital Arts & Design at Northern Beaches College, Northern Sydney Institute, TAFE. This special collaborative project drew together the collective creativity, ingenuity and technical skills of the artists to work on a themed installation.

Chris Langois: Points in Time

6 Sep – 3 Nov 2013

One of Australia’s leading contemporary landscape artists, with powerful imagery of the sea, sky and land that transcend time and space to become about personal experience. This exhibition spanned 15 years, revealing the evolution of an artist committed to experimenting with ideas and techniques. 

Ranamok Glass Prize 2012

26 Jul – 1 Sep 2013

Annual acquisitive award of contemporary glass by Australian and New Zealand artists, founded in 1994 by Andy Plummer and Maureen Cahill. Works must be innovative, and display excellence and imagination in quality of idea and execution. The Ranamok Winners Collection comprises examples of Australasia’s finest offerings.

Jonathan Jones

7 Jun – 21 Jul 2013

A solo exhibition by this Kamilaroi/Wiradjuri artist for the 2013 Guringai Festival. Jones’s site-specific installations, light works, drawings and films build connections by exploring how history continues into the present, and highlight the overlap between the purportedly separate cultures of black and white Australia.

Sensorial Loop: Tamworth Textile Triennial

7 Jun – 21 Jul 2013

A showcase for the changing ideas and professional craftsmanship associated with contemporary textile practice in Australia. It reflected a shift in definition, where lines are blurred within disciplines as fine artists enrol in embroidery courses and textile practitioners work alongside architects and film makers.

Amanda Penrose Hart: Manly – Somewhere on the Australian Coast

26 Apr – 2 Jun 2013

This Bayview artist spent two years around Manly working from a small dinghy or her car, creating oils in the ‘plein air’ tradition. She captures the spirit of that patch of coastal paradise that is ‘seven miles from Sydney and a thousand miles from care’.

John Ogden: Slightly Dangerous

26 Apr – 2 Jun 2013

Celebrating 40 years of local artist John Ogden’s photography, plus the launch of his latest book. It’s important to occasionally look in the rear-vision mirror while hurtling into the future, and this work reminds us of what’s lost in the rush. Part of the Head On Photo Festival.

Chuck Bradley: Nostalgica

17 May – 23 Jun 2013

Photographer Chuck Bradley presented a new series of work that he developed while artist in residence at MAG&M. He drew from an eclectic array of beach objects from our museum and other local collections to create quirky and evocative still-life narratives.

Courage to Care

15 Mar – 21 Apr 2013

Touring program promoting racial tolerance, harmony, understanding and ethical values, particularly to young people. The message – that each person can and does make a difference – was placed in a contemporary context to show each of us can act when confronted by discrimination, racism, prejudice and bullying.

Express Yourself 2013

8 Feb – 10 Mar 2013

Each year, ‘Express Yourself’ celebrates the work of emerging artists from the Northern Beaches’ secondary schools through multimedia, digital, sculpture, graphics and drawing. The outstanding technical and artistic calibre of the works reflect the students’ artistic strength and the high quality of teaching and learning of HSC visual arts.