Image detail: Louise Whelan, Portside Skate Space, 2010

Louise Whelan: A Portal in Transition, The Accidental Archive

Distinguished and prolific photographer, Louise Whelan, is known for her honest portrayal of outsider communities and cultures. This exhibition ...

Image detail: Charlie Sheard, Poem 5, 2017-2018

Charlie Sheard: Absolute Abstraction

This exhibition presents the work of Charlie Sheard, one of Sydney’s most respected abstract painters who has spent the last forty years developing...

Image detail: Stu Spence, Come on, take my hand, 2008

Stu Spence: Unclear, Becoming Clearer

Stu Spence’s photographs are oblique observations of fleeting moments. Ambiguous in meaning, they wait for interpretation and narrative. He is a ...

Image: Arthur Murch, Avalon studio, 1987. Photo by Chris Duczynski

Keepers of the Flame: The Legacy of Murch & Miksevicius

An exhibition exploring the art of Arthur Murch (1902-1989) and Jurgis Miksevicius (1923-2014)

Image detail: Mick Glasheen, Ceremonial Site at Dawn

Mick Glasheen - Garigal Country: Drawing on the Land

Mick Glasheen has been a pioneering force in the fields of experimental film and interactive media. For the past twenty-five years, living on the ...

Image detail: Teena McCarthy, Down by the river, Darling, pigment print on butchers paper, 300 x 150cm

Teena McCarthy: Down by the River, Darling

Teena McCarthy is a visual artist and poet working predominantly in painting, photography and performance art.

Image detail: Wendy Sharpe, Autumn Night, Manly, oil on canvas, 30 x 30cm

Wendy Sharpe: Wanderlust

Specially curated for MAG&M by the artist, this new iteration of Wendy Sharpe’s travelling exhibition, Wanderlust, evokes experiences of the ...

Image detail: Blake Beveridge, Head first (St Paul's College, Manly)

Express Yourself 2019

A significant annual curated exhibition of artworks by HSC Visual Arts students from the 20 high schools across Sydney’s Northern Beaches region.

Image detail: Valerie Taylor, Ship wreck from 'Melody the mermaid series, watercolour and ink on paper

Valerie Taylor - Artist, Author and Marine Conservationist

Valerie Taylor is recognised around the world as a pioneer ocean explorer, marine conservationist, cinematographer, photographer and author. Less ...

Library Artists' Book Award

Artist books challenge the conventional book format and are a unique art form.