• Amanda Penrose Hart. Photo by Greg Weight, 2020 (image detail)

Kathrin Longhurst, The Artist as a Young Girl, 2020, oil on canvas, 120 x 120cm (Image detail)

Portraits Project

7 Aug – 18 Oct - Two exhibitions focused on' portraiture' as a powerful expression of contemporary artists connected with Sydney’s Northern ...

Anne Zahalka, Figures on Manly Beach April 25 (after Nancy Kilgour), 2015, unique photo media print, 115 x 177.5cm. MAG&M Collection - donated by MAG&M Society 2015 (Image detail)

Museum of the Beach

7 Aug - 18 Oct - A playful showing of MAG&M’s museum objects brings to life six figurative artworks from the collection.

Map of the Town of Sydney, 1833. Drawn & engraved for the General Post Office Directors (image detail).

Latitude: A Collection of Rare Maps

7 Aug – 18 Oct 2020 - Over one hundred maps from one of Australia’s most significant private collections of cartographic archives.