When choosing between disposable nappies and reusable cloth nappies cost, convenience and the environment all come into play. Disposable nappies are convenient but most babies will go through 4 to 6,000 nappies by the time they are toilet-trained. 

That’s a lot of nappies in landfill considering they contain plastic that takes many years to decompose!

Modern cloth nappies (MCNs) have come a long way since the old terry cloth squares. They usually feature a water-resistant cover, leak-proof elasticised leg holes and absorbent padding and liner. Initially MCNs are more expensive - but your child may only need around 24 in total – so in the long run they are potentially cheaper. 

Check out the Choice website for a detailed comparison of MCNs vs disposable nappies.

Perhaps you’re not ready to switch completely at first, but you can take small steps like using reusables at home or perhaps a swim nappy when next in the pool.

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