Grab a Second Hand Saturday Bargain 

Meet the neighbours and discover pre-loved treasures.

Hold your Own Second Hand Saturday stall

Make some money, meet your neighbours and help the environment too when you have your garage sale on a Second Hand Saturday. We’ll spread the word for free on our website, and get more people along to discover and re-use your pre-loved treasures.

Free Second Hand Saturday Advertising

If you’re a residential household with a bulky goods clean up collection, we’ll advertise your garage sale on the Council website free of charge. That’s it. We want your garage sale to be a success. The more you sell, the fewer items will end up as landfill.

Who’s Eligible?

Any residential household with a bulky goods clean up collection the following week can take advantage of our free advertising. If you live in a unit, make sure you have permission from your body corporate. Commercial properties, clubs, churches or schools are not eligible.

How to Register in 2 Easy Steps

  1. Your garage sale must be held on the Saturday before your bulky goods clean up collection.
  2. Complete your Second Hand Saturday Registration online. Registration deadline is 12pm on the Monday before your garage sale.

If You Need to Cancel Your Garage Sale

Just email before 12pm on the Thursday before your Second Hand Saturday and we’ll update the advertising to let people know your garage sale has been cancelled. But note – pre-booked bulky goods clean up collections will still go ahead unless you cancel that too.

On Your Second Hand Saturday

Set up the items you’re selling inside your residential property’s boundary – nothing on the footpath. Dangerous goods, chemicals, faulty electrical items, firearms or rubbish are not allowed. At the end of the day, you can move unsold items to the side of the road for your bulky goods clean up collection. It’s your responsibility to make sure your waste items are eligible for collection. We don’t collect TVs or computers (e-waste), pane glass and mirrors or car parts. Check the bulky goods clean up page or your booking confirmation if you’re unsure.