Did you know that 38% of rubbish in NSW garbage bins is food waste and that 20% of the food Australians thrown out is because they buy too much or don’t store their food correctly? Once in landfill, food waste produces greenhouse gases that impact on our environment.

You can help stop wasting food by planning your meals, shop to a list, buy fruit and vegetables locally and in season (they’ll last longer), store food correctly so it stays fresh longer, use leftovers and freeze excess food.

Here are some great ideas:

Still have food scraps? Try composting, keeping chickens or join ShareWaste a community run food scrap recycling initiative.

Alternatively try your local community garden, please contact the garden first to check whether they are currently accepting food waste.

Visit Love Food Hate Waste for inspiring tips on how to reduce your food waste.

Preserving excess veg and fruit

Stop wasting food and discover the traditional preserving techniques of our grandparents with Moss House. This workshop and webinar is held regularly and allows you to learn new skills for sustainable living. Time to ask questions and of course some taste testing! Recipes included, just bring an apron to assist.

Make Food Not Waste

Chef Sue Lambert from ‘The Wholefood Home’ regularly runs workshops and webinars on creating tasty stocks, marinades and sauerkraut with food that is ‘on the way out’.  Check out our video Reducing food waste with Chef Suzanne Lambert for some great recipes.


Composting and worm farming are great alternatives to disposing of your food waste in the rubbish bin while creating quality fertiliser for your pot plants and garden. Book into one of our workshops at the CEC or Kimbriki.

No room for a compost bin or worm farm? Try keeping chickens or join ShareWaste a community run food scrap recycling initiative.

Keeping backyard chickens

Chickens love your food waste and they give you free, fresh free-range eggs while also making great pets for your kids. Watch our video on how to keep chickens in your backyard.

Check you comply with regulations when housing chickens.