In NSW bicycles are considered vehicles and can be ridden on most roads and in bus lanes. People riding bikes on the road are bound by the same road rules as drivers.

Everyone riding a bike must wear an approved helmet too.

Plus, bells are compulsory. You can ring your bell when you're overtaking on shared paths.

Road Rules for people riding bicycles

Keep up to date with changing road rules for people riding bikes

  • For your safety, remember to always wear a helmet. It's also the law, and fines apply.
  • For the safety of others, also remember to always ring your bell when you are approaching pedestrians so that they know you are coming. It's also the law that you must have a bell on your bike, and fines apply.

Riding on the road? Make sure you know the rules on sharing the road.

Also consider our suggested community bike connections, trails and maps which has links to the Safe Cycling Network, which includes an online map of off road shared paths, and to the Road Cycling Network, which indicates common road routes. 

For rules on using shared paths visit Council Shared Paths


A key element of bicycles is that they are primarily propelled by the rider.

However, e-bikes provide a great opportunity to make riding easier by adding a power source to ASSIST the rider in pedalling.

If you can ride a bike without pedalling, it is no longer a bicycle. You are therefore potentially subject to the laws of riding a motorcycle and the relevant fines.

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Personal e-scooters remain illegal on NSW roads and road-related areas, including footpaths, shared paths and bicycle lanes. They can only be used on private property.

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Laws for children under 16

Children under 16 years of age are allowed to ride on a footpath.

This helps to keep them safe until they have the skills, decision making and knowledge of the rules to ride safely on the road.

An adult rider who supervises a child under 16 riding a bike, may also ride with the young rider on the footpath.

Bike tracks and routes

We offer a range of shared paths, beginner to advanced mountain biking and awesome BMX tracks.

Children aged 16 or 17 can ride on the footpath, when they are with a child under 16 and a supervising adult.


Bare Creek Bike Park

Message Bike track closed until 22nd May for Maintenance.
2819 Crozier Road , Belrose
1.6 kms of downhill bike trails, flow trails, skills and dirt jump areas, a pump track and walking trails from a dedicated access road


Curl Curl Lagoon

Huston Parade , Curl Curl
Enjoy a leisurely stroll beneath the trees around the lagoon. Sections from the main carpark are wheelchair accessible but not the full loop.

Jamieson Park

The Esplanade , Narrabeen
Jamieson Park is a 42.8ha reserve located along the southern foreshores of Narrabeen Lagoon.

JJ Melbourne Hills Memorial Reserve

1A Kamber Rd , Terrey Hills
The recreational area of JJ Melbourne Hills Memorial Reserve lies within the 44 hectare park and is surrounded by native bushland. It is located near Garigal National Park.

John Fisher Park

Abbott Road , North Curl Curl
The home of our future netball, softball and hockey stars on the Northern Beaches.

Manly Corso to North Head

Manly Corso , Manly
Head on past the grand neo-Gothic building that was originally St Patrick’s Seminary for panoramic views of the ocean, harbour and city from North Head.

Manly Dam Mountain Bike Trail

Message Closed until further notice due to heavy rain
Gibbs Street (best access) , Manly Vale
Manly Dam mountain bike trail is one of Sydney's best and is enjoyed by beginners to advanced riders.

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail

The journey around Narrabeen Lagoon will take you through beautiful ecosystems, an abundance of wildlife, cultural heritage and historical icons.

Passmore Reserve

Campbell Parade , Manly Vale
The bike circuit at Passmore Reserve is perfect for teaching young children to ride. It loops around the playing fields, past the playground and joins up with the bike track at Nolan Reserve.

Wyatt Avenue Bike Park

4 Wyatt Avenue , Belrose
Wyatt Avenue Bike Park is purpose built for kids and new riders looking to improve their skills and build confidence before heading to more advanced trails and locations.

Bike safety events

Sign up to one of our events to help you build your skills, knowledge and confidence whilst riding your bike.

Helmet on a bike