Wyatt Avenue Bike Park is purpose built for kids and new riders looking to improve their skills and build confidence before heading to more advanced trails and locations. 

The park is all about improving your riding at your own pace and advancing to more difficult features such as larger jumps once you feel you can handle them. 

The trails, features and landscaping were designed and built in collaboration with Trail Care, a local mountain biking advocacy and consultancy group, and the design is based on direct feedback from mountain biking skills coaches, the parents of young riders and the community. 

Wyatt Avenue Bike Park’s features include:

  • A junior and beginner bike trail loop, perfect for young ones with little bikes
  • Climb and descent sections to test your skills on an incline
  • Various technical features such as berms and jumps to advance your skills
  • ‘Gravity Zone’ features for a downhill experience
  • A bike launching area to kick off your runs


4 Wyatt Avenue

Belrose NSW 2085