Older road users are at risk 

The reality is that as we age we become more vulnerable and more at risk for injury because of problems that are more common in old age. 

Consider how these issues can impact us as pedestrians, motorists, bicycle or motorbike riders: 

  • Decline in our vision 
  • Slower to move and react 
  • Decline in our ability to reason and remember 
  • Decrease in ability to judge the speed of cars 
  • Increase in experiencing confusion and anxiety 
  • Potential impact of medications 
  • Increase in fragility 

Pedestrian tips

Consider some of the suggestions in this video, to be safer walking on our paths.


Defensive driving

With an increase in population there is an increase in the number of people using our roads and paths. 

What you can do to be a safer driver: 

  • Always be very aware of everything happening around you and the potential hazards. 
  • This can mean giving way to others to avoid a crash, even though you may be in the right 
  • Wear your seatbelt
  • Do not drive when you are feeling fatigued 
  • Know how to use the safety features in your car 
  • Prioritise driving a safe car 

To check the safety rating of your car check either 

Older driver licensing 

License assessment requirements over certain ages: 

  • 75+  must have a medical assessment 
  • 85+  must have a yearly medical assessment and pass an on-road driving assessment every two years (modified licenses are available )


Retiring from driving

You can choose to give up your license and get a free NSW Photo Card for identification. There are many benefits. Find out more

Free Senior Road Safety Workshops

Interactive and engaging education sessions offered throughout the year to help seniors keep up to date with road safety rules, tips and driver licensing. 

Email us for information on scheduled workshops or keep an eye on our Event calendar

Transport options

  • Hop Skip Jump bus - community bus service through the suburbs of Manly, Manly Vale, Fairlight, Balgowlah, Balgowlah Heights, Clontarf and Seaforth. 
  • Easylink